List of Best Orthopedic Doctors in Bangladesh

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List of Best Orthopedic Doctors in Bangladesh

If you have problems related to orthopedics, we are determined to show you the best orthopedic doctors in Bangladesh. If the problem of many is important, I even think of going outside the country. But before that we first need to know about orthopedics and best orthopedic doctors in Bangladesh.

Many of us have misconceptions about orthopedic treatment. Many of us don’t really know what orthopedics is or what orthopedics means. And not aware of National Orthopedic Hospital.

So in today’s post we will know what is orthopedics, what does orthopedics mean, who are orthopedic specialists and what are their jobs in detail.

And lastly, best orthopedic doctors in Bangladesh, orthopedic doctor list, government and private orthopedic hospital lists.

What is orthopedic? What does orthopedics mean?

What is orthopedics or orthopedics or what does it mean? So let’s know, Orthopedic is:

All diseases or problems related to the rate of the body are called orthopedic. And the specialist doctors who are shown to cure any of these diseases related to the body are called orthopedics specialist doctors.

Simply put, when you or someone around you has a problem or disease related to any part of the body, the doctor you turn to is a doctor who is a doctor.

And these doctors are called orthopedic or orthopedic specialists. Doctors who specialize in one area are called orthopedic specialists.

I hope I have explained to some extent what orthopedics is and what orthopedics means.

Now let’s know the best orthopedic doctor in Bangladesh i.e orthopedic doctor list.

List of best orthopedic doctors in Bangladesh

Dear readers, now we will know the names and addresses of 5 best orthopedic specialists from the list of best orthopedic doctors in Bangladesh.

And know where these 5 best orthopedic specialists are in any hospital or their own chambers.

Let’s know the details about 5 doctors from the list of best orthopedic doctors in Bangladesh.

Dr. Nurul Alam Siddique – (Pavel) (Specialist in Orthopedics)

MBBS (Dhaka), D-Ortho (Nitore), BCS(Health) Consultant (Orthopedic Surgery) National Orthopedic Hospital & Rehabilitation Institute (Pangu Hospital) Fracture – Bone Fusion, Spine Disease – Trauma or Injury & Orthopedic Specialist Surgeon.

Dr. Md. Nasir Uddin – (Associate Professor, Munnu Medical College & Hospital)

MBBS, MS (Orthopedic) Associate Professor & Head (Orthopedic Surgery) Munnu Medical College & Hospital.

Dr. A.K.M. Nizam-ul-Islam, (Orthopedic Specialist)

MBBS, D-Ortho (Pangu Hospital) DU Senior Consultant-Orthopedic Surgery National Orthopedic Hospital & Rehabilitation Institution (NETOR) Pangu Hospital, Dhaka.

Dr. AKM Nizam ul Islam Orthopedic and Trauma Specialist and Surgeon.

Trauma – fractures, knee pain – rheumatoid arthritis, lameness and paralysis.

Dr. G.M. Ruhul Quddus (Orthopedic Specialist)

MBBS, D-Ortho (BSMMU) Assistant Professor, Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeon specializing in Osteoarthritis, Arthritis – Disability and Spine. National Orthopedic Hospital and Rehabilitation Institute (NITOR) Dhaka.

Prof. Dr. Md. Golam Sarwar, (Orthopedic Specialist)

MBBS, MS (Orthopaedic), AO Fellow (India), WHO Fellow (Indonesia), Plastic & Reconstruction Surgery (USA) – “Bone, Joint, Arthritis, Crippled, Crippled & Plastic Surgeon, (Cripple Hospital)

Dear readers, already we have come to know about 5 best orthopedic doctors in Bangladesh.

Also there are many good quality orthopedic doctors in Ebon capital at departmental level in the country. You will find everything if you google a little.

To get the medical services of the doctors mentioned above, if you type the name of their medical service center and search on Google, you will get the number of that institution. From there you can call the number and know the serial and details.

The best orthopedic doctor in Bangladesh now visit your neighborhood and see patients on fixed days.

List of Best Orthopedic Doctors in Bangladesh List of Best Orthopedic Doctors in Bangladesh

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